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Top BBQ rubs and seasonings with Veggie delight seasoning recipes

Top BBQ rubs and seasonings with Cindy Lou’s cowboy joe rub recipes: Step #1: Choosing the Right Prime Rib: Choose a Prime Rib that is well marbled and untrimmed (with all the fat); fat is your friend, it makes the Prime Rib juicy and flavorful. A Bone-In Prime Rib will help to keep the moisture in the meat as well as adding flavor. Step# 2: Seasoning Your Prime Rib: First, rub the outside with the Burgundy Peppercorn Mustard or a little Oil and then generously apply Cindy Lou’s Black Label Dry Rub. A heavy coating will make a beautiful, crusty, delicious bark. Make sure you get it on all sides including the bottom. Put a generous amount of garlic on the top of the Rib, gently patting it down. Wrap the Rib tightly in saran wrap and let it sit overnight in the refrigerator. Next day, remove and let it come up to room temperature; about 2 -3 hours depending on the size of your Rib. Before putting the Rib on the BBQ, lightly dust the top with Cindy Lou’s Cowboy Joe Dry Rub.

Injection Sauce Directions: Take one cube of butter and melt it in a sauce pan on medium heat, careful not to over heat the butter and burn it. Smash 4 large cloves of garlic and add them to the melted butter and let the garlic infuse into the butter for at least 5 minutes, the longer the better. You can also add seasonings to the butter such as the dry rub you are using on the outside of the tri-tip. Once the butter is infused with the garlic, either strain or remove the garlic from the butter. The butter is now ready to be injected into the tri-tip. You will want to let the butter cool a bit but not too much or the butter will thicken and you won’t be able to inject it into the meat. This is a relatively simple injection sauce. Be creative and add your own seasonings.

Cindy Lou’s Big Kahuna brings the flavors of the tropics to dry rub. We use turbinado sugar, pineapple extract and dried orange peel along with our special spices to give you something we know you will be proud of! Indulge Your Taste buds with Cindy Lou’s! Cindy Lou’s Cowboy “Joe” has a bold campfire flavor with a hint of coffee. It is the perfect rub for beef, poultry and lamb. Cowboy “Joe” is reminiscent of the outdoors with an audacious flavor and is a great finishing rub for red meat. Indulge Your Taste buds with Cindy Lou’s! See more details at Online BBQ Rubs and Seasonings Store.

A trifle is a dessert with layers of custard (or pudding) or whipped cream, fruit, and pound cake or sponge cake. My mom makes a version of this every year for Christmas, but she soaks her pound cake with brandy and also puts brandy in her whipped cream. We always joke with her that one bite of her trifle is like a shot of booze! Needless to say, we are very “happy” after dessert. Trifle is usually made in a big pedestal glass serving bowl so you can see all the pretty layers. But you can plate this any way you like! And this one will also have grilled angel food cake instead of pound cake for a warm, really rich and soft layer. Preheat the grill to medium. Lightly coat each slice of cake with the melted butter. (Be careful not to use too much butter as it may drip onto the coals etc. and cause flare-ups, burning the cake.) Grill the angel food cake on both sides until it has beautiful grill marks. This won’t take long. Build the trifle on a plate or glass bowl from the bottom up: cake, pudding, strawberries, cake, pudding, strawberries, whipped cream. Give a final drizzle of the Strawberry Sauce over the top.

We bring you delicious rubs & BBQ sauces that will have you and everyone you grill for coming back for more! Stick with our great tasting rubs, or taste one of our specialty sauces the next time you grill steak, chicken, pork, fish or vegetables. Indulge your passion for the grill with Rubs and More’s collection of rubs, sauces, seasonings, BBQ recipes, tips, techniques, and much more. Plus, for finger-licking good meats and veggies, Rubs and More features Cindy Lou’s Dry Rubs – an absolute necessity as you reach for grilling glory! Read more information on BBQ Rubs and Seasonings.


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